Really, guys? I’m back for ten minutes and we’re already fighting space aliens?

Steve just spends this entire movie unimpressed with EVERYTHING

#as much as I love steve being impressed like vaccinations! #smallpox is gone! #washing machines! #the future is wonderful! #I also want him to kinda be like #oh so it doesn’t fold the clothes for you? #I still gotta iron this myself? #Howard promised flying cars 70 years ago #Where’re the robots #unimpressed by the future tbh (via kehinki)




#and suddenly #all at once #it’s not a perfect universe anymore

those tags hit me hard good god

#wasnt this the last time bitch jerk was used too  #cries

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Oh, excuse me, madam. Sorry, this may seem strange but have you seen a fallen star anywhere?

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FANGIRL CHALLENGE ♔ fifteen pairings {8/15}

↬ Tristan Thorn & Yvaine (Stardust, 2007)

You will always remember this as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow.

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Legolas + sass

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#she is so good for him

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I couldn’t let him die, Bobby. He’s my brother



never forget

You’re a fucking idiot, Alex




Guys, hey, guys. Do you remember that time that Coulson called Natasha and she ended up forming the Avengers?  Remember how she did that by digging up Bruce Banner and introducing Steve to him then was the voice of reason when Tony and Steve were bickering and then how she brought Clint back from being mind controlled so that they can be a team? Remember that? Remember how the Black Widow out smarted a god? Remember that time she kept her shit together when the Hulk attacked her, even though she was really scared? Remember when she knocked an alien off his flying scooter and figured out how to drive it despite it being extrateresstrial tech, then got her ass up to the top of Stark Tower, found Loki’s staff and saved the world from being invaded by turning off the machine?

Remember how she was the central character of the whole freaking movie?

Anyone else remember that? I sure do. 

#and remember how they didn’t sexualize her #remember how she was independent and didn’t need a male crutch #remember how when loki implied that she needed a man she completely tore him down #remember how natasha romanov doesn’t take shit from nobody #especially not a man

and yet all they asked scarlet was how difficult was it to get in her suit. 

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